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Products > Dietary Fiber > Soy dietary fiber

Soy dietary fiber


 Product definition
Non-GMO soybean dietary fiber
 Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.
 TechNIcal data:
MIcrobIologIcal data:


  Gushen Soy Dietary Fiber is a high-content dietary fiber with a water absorption capacity of 8-10 times, which is suitable for the meat processing industry.Its excellent properties, such as it can make meat products reduce moisture loss during cooking.
  Soy protein Dietary fiber is widely used in the manufacture of cakes, beverages, confectionery, medicine, nutritious foods, health foods, ketchup, etc.  Technical indicators


 The three-layer kraft paper is lined with a layer of food grade polyethylene inner film,
 each bag has a net weight of 20kg.
The GS62 and GS68 are available in 15kg packaging.

 Storage method 

 Store at low temperature and dry place. Do not mix with odor or volatile substances.
 Protect from rain and moisture, and keep it for less than 25 degrees Celsius for 18 months.


  Jewish, Halal, HACCP, BRC, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 International Quality System Certification and IP Certification.