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                  Products > Protein Series > Concentrated Soy Protein

                  Concentrated Soy Protein

                    Product definition

                    Non-GMO soy protein, especially suitable for meat products, fish products, baked goods.

                    Manufacturer :
                     Gushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.

                    TechNIcal data:
                  MIcrobIologIcal data:


                   Water retention and oil retention can reach 1:6:6.

                   ★ Good emulsifying ability and improve product yield.

                   ★ Improve the texture and slicing of the product.

                   ★ Easy to combine with meat.

                   ★ GS6100 high gel, GS8100 is good emulsifying.


                   The three-layer kraft paper is lined with a layer of food grade polyethylene inner film, GS8100: net weight 25kg, GS6100: net weight 20kg.

                    Storage method

                    Store in a low-temperature dry place. Do not mix with odor or volatile substances. Pro

                    tect from rain and moisture, and keep it for less than 25 degrees Celsius for 12 months.


                    Jewish certification, halal certification, HACCP, BRC, ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 international quality system certification and IP certification.